Dog Supplies

Lady The Pet Advantages Dog, come on in to see her!

We offer all kinds of supplies for your pup! We like to sell the best quality food, Treats, Toys, Leashes, Collars and More. The Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT cares about your Dog. Feel free to bring them along all pets are welcome!

Fish Supplies

As the unofficial S. Burlington Aquarium, we carry a large variety of tropical fish, saltwater fish,

The Pet Advantage has some of the best solutions of fish in the state. We also offer the best supplies, from tanks, to filters, high quality food, doctor, and so much more. Show your fish you really love them by coming to see us!

Cat Supplies

The Pet Advantages Mascot Simon

The Pet Advantage Loves our Feline Friends, we actually have a store mascot named Simon, we got him in 2014. He helps us test our cat food, toys, collars, beds, and other fun kitty items. Simon is in charge of making clients feel at home!

Bird Supplies

Beautiful Parrot at The Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT.

We love birds at The Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT. We have healthy food, cages, pens, treats, toys, and so much more. 

Small Animal Supplies

Ferrets at The Pet Advantage of South Burlington, VT.

Do you need small animal supplies for your ferret, bunny, rat, mouse, hamster, or guinea pig? Come on by, we have cages, tanks, toys, healthy food, treats, and so much more! 

Reptiles Supplies

Lizards at The Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT.

The Pet Advantage has all the great reptile supplies that you would ever need, from food, bugs, worms, heating laps, tanks, toys, and other great things. We love our cold blooded friends!