Welcome to our Sales Page

Welcome to The Pet Advantage Sales page. We are thrilled your visiting today. All of our sales are updated at the beginning of the month. Typically the sales end at the end of the month unless an end date is added.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us a message at, if you have any questions.

15% Discount

The Pet Advantage values our first responders and military members. Please share with us your id, and we are happy to offer you a 15% discount. This is an evergreen special, never ends!

February Sales

Bunnies & Guinea Pigs

Bunnies at The Pet Advantage in South Burlington, VT

Buy a Bunny or Guinea Pig and get 10% off supplies!

Christmas Clearance

The Pet Advantage in S. Burlington, VT all items are on sale until 12/24/2019 - 10% off, and holiday

All of our Christmas and Holiday related Items are on sale 50% off until they are gone! 

Leopard Geckos


50% off Leopard Geckos and 20% off the setup!



Purchase 20 Roaches and Get 10 Free!